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--Judy Shoaf, list moderator

Arthurnet Arthurnet is a moderated email list, sponsored by the journal Arthuriana. Members of the list post messages to the listserver, which posts them to me; I edit them a bit (for example, if someone has asked a question and 5 people answer it, I often put those answers into only 1 or 2 posts) and send them back to the listserver, which posts them to all the list members. Almost every weekday every member gets 2-10 posts from the list.

You may subscribe by sending a message to

containing the message
subscribe Arthurnet Lancelot Dulac

(substitute your own name for Lancelot Dulac!!!) and you will start receiving messages at the mailbox you used to subscribe. To post to the list, you use the address sign your posts!).

The Arthurnet subscribers vary quite a bit. We have tenured professors and people working on their doctoral theses in Arthurian literature (ancient or modern), an editor of a Sci-Fi journal and the editor of the Arthurian Encyclopedia. Plenty of busy high-school and college teachers,and some elementary. There are also high-school students working on papers, New Age enthusiasts, and Society for Creative Anachronism folks. There are people who firmly believe that one must look for a real historical Arthur in the 6th century, and others who care mostly about 12th-15th century French, German, and English Arthurian romances, and others still who aremost interested in Mists of Avalon or in the latest fantasy novels.

Therefore, the discussions vary quite a bit, too. We have had organized discussions, with a lot of scholarly input, on medieval literature.Some posts are calls for papers or participation in academic conferences;others are alerts on the latest Star Trek-spinoff episode with an Arthurian theme. The most common discussion is the one that begins "Where can I find an example of...." or " Why does this book say what it does?"

The best way to explore Arthurnet's history, which began in October 1993, is to take a look at the archives, which are accessible and searchable by keyword at


To join the list, e-mail '' with the message 'Subscribe Arthurnet[your name].'

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